Basic Tips for Writing Short Essays

Guide, Ideas & Samples It is extremely responsible and difficult task to write a short essay. As the amount of words is less than in ordinary essay, you should learn how to express your thoughts and ideas in the smaller amount of words. Writing a short essay you have to use precise word definitions, avoiding abstract language.

What is a Short Essay?

Before coming closer to the initial rules of short essay creation, let’s find out what is a short essay. When we talk about writing a short essay, we don’t necessarily mean any limitation concerning your desire to talk about things. The term short essay appeared as the writer should compress his or her ideas in comparatively short narrative. In spite of the size, should present all present all the thoughts of the writer but in a bit constrained form. A short essay remains a normal essay despite everything. Nevertheless, it is not enough just to know the definition of the short essay, it is important to understand how to write one correctly.

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  • What is a Good Short Essay?

Short essay of a good quality should follow general rules of writing this type of articles. Under the general rules, we imply the mandatory requirement of short essay structuring format. It should consist of the introduction, essay body and the conclusion. You can find more detailed information about the writing guidelines, rules and requirements on our webs-site. Besides the importance the essay structure, it should have such essay basics discussion related to the selected topic and the thesis statement. Motivate yourself to grasp all writing ideas, so that your essay could be written in short and concise manner.

Essay length

Before settling down to the creative work on the essay, clarify the approximate length of your essay. It will save you from ruthless deleting of the content during the last step of the essay creation.

Having chosen the essay length, you won’t need to sacrifice the coherence of the discussion and the essay’s content. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to fit into the exact amount of words. Don’t be overwhelmed by meeting word target. Concentrate on presenting your ideas in the compact manner.

In the majority of cases, a short essay is one page long. Before writing your short essay, make sure to consult with your professor to be sure that you will meet the paper requirements. On professor’s demand, the number of pages can be increased to 2-5. The number of pages also changes, reflecting student’s grade. Senior students usually are required to write concise and professional short essays.

A short essay should begin with a thesis statement, describing the major idea of the short essay. A thesis statement is strongly motivated and clear for the reader’s perception. Your thesis statement should be backed up with relevant facts supporting the statement. A thesis statement has 2 basic functions.

Introductory: to present the topic of the essay.

Concluding: to draw a short conclusion of the main essay ideas.

Tips for writing short essays

Divide your essay into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should have from 3 to 7 sentences.

Use double spacing.

After choosing an essay topic, ask yourself What is the goal of your short essay? Try to answer this question while writing your short essay.
Work on the introduction. It should be written in a form of a concise summary, meaning high-quality paper paragraph.

Use short sentences instead of complex ones. It will help you to clarify your thoughts and goals.

Create a plan for your essay. When it is done, you will never have problems with gathering your thoughts or forgetting to mention about additional arguments. Planning your writing is a great opportunity to brainstorm the ideas and topics. Then you can evaluate your knowledge of the essay.
Do not use too many details in the essay plan. Make sure to pick out several key words and phrases.

Spend not more than 10% of your time for the introduction writing.
The essay body should start with the basic statement and its supportive argument.

Proceed with explanation of your initial essay statement. The explanation should be obvious for anyone.

Review your argument from the critical point of view. After its analysis the agreements presented in your essay.

The conclusion should contain your personal evaluation of strong and weak argumentative points. It means that you have rephrased what you have said in the first part of the essay, including introduction and essay body.